Georgia DUI Leaving Scene of Accident

Georgia DUI Leaving Scene of Accident

After being involved in a car accident in Georgia, you are required to follow certain procedures to avoid violating the law. Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) on its own is a serious crime that could result in steep penalties. Leaving the scene of an accident can make the consequences much worse. If you are facing a Georgia DUI leaving the scene of an accident offense, hiring a capable defense lawyer may be your best option.

Georgia breaks down accident laws into three categories: property damage, bodily injury, and death. No matter which type of accident you are involved in, you should always stop your car (in a safe place) and attend to the situation.

If you are involved in a fender bender accident in a parking lot with an unoccupied vehicle, you are obligated to make a reasonable effort to get into contact with the property owner. If you cannot find the owner, you can leave a note on the windshield with your contact and insurance information.

In the event of an accident involving bodily injury, you must remain on the scene to avoid a hit and run charge. Your legal obligation in this situation is to make a reasonable attempt to aid the injured party. This could entail calling an ambulance and reporting the accident to the police.

If you are involved in an accident that results in the death of another person, whether it’s a pedestrian or occupant of a vehicle, the law requires you to stop and call for help. Leaving the scene of an accident that involves a fatality can result in a felony hit and run criminal charge.

Even if you are charged with DUI leaving the scene, defending your case is possible. Your attorney may work with an accident reconstruction specialist to determine if your actions were responsible for the accident that led to the property damage, bodily injury, or fatality. In addition, he may launch an investigation into your blood alcohol content (BAC) reading to determine if you were, in fact, over the legal limit.

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